OlifeEnergy Net: A charging network you can be a part of

A charging network that grows organically and connects the EV drivers with the charging station owners. That’s the OlifeEnergy Net. Whoever purchases a charging point from OlifeEnergy, be it a simple AC-powered Wallbox or larger and faster DC charging station, can offer it to drivers through our mobile app.

With the move towards electromobility gaining traction, the charging networks are appearing and growing all around the world. Most of them, like Ionity or Tesla Superchargers, adhere to the classic B2C concept with the stations owned by the network’s proprietor and available to the public for charging.

At OlifeEnergy, we have chosen a different route. The backbone of our network is made up by our own locations, fitted with high-powered DC charging points. These are conveniently placed to allow drivers to make use of the time it takes to charge their car to get refreshments. However, OlifeEnergy customers can also offer their own charging devices to the public and make money.

Charging your EV

Using the OlifeEnergy Net charging stations can hardly be any easier. Our mobile app, available for both Android and Apple devices, includes a comprehensive map of our location, so it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you.

There is no need to register or provide your personal data. You can use the app for direct payment with your credit card if you need just one-time charge. The registration is available as well, serving typically to the fleet customers – the app then highlights your company’s charging stations. It can also enable lower prices on some or all of our chargers, the option of monthly invoices for charging etc.

Providing a charging point

If you already own an OlifeEnergy charging device (or even a third-party one) or are planning on acquiring one for your business or personal use, you can become a part of OlifeEnergy Net charging network. If you have one of our AC or DC charging stations or the Smart version of our Wallbox or Doublebox, you can offer it to paying customers and turn it into an additional income stream. All it costs you is 300,- CZK a month fee. OlifeEnergy processes all the payments charging at your station and forwards it to you, without any commission – or you can use your own payment gateway.

You can become a part of our network with either of our AC and DC charging stations, or our Wallbox and Doublebox home charging devices.