OlifeEnergy Doublebox: When Charging Just One Car Is Not Enough

The same features that make the OlifeEnergy Wallbox the perfect solution for homes and small businesses – the sleek design, fast charging, outstanding quality and long list of features – can also be found in its big brother, the Doublebox. Its two charging points will come handy for households with multiple cars or businesses. With a choice of Type 1 or Type 2 cables on either side. Designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Sometimes, one is not enough. Even though our OlifeEnergy Wallbox can be easily used to charge several cars or even to be used as a public charging point, sometimes you need to be able to connect two vehicles at once. The OlifeEnegy Doublebox is here to solve that.

The Doublebox offers all the features that make the Wallbox so great, only with two charging points. Each of them can be fitted with either Type 1 or Type 2 connector with either a straight or twisted cable. This is a freedom of choice that’s unique on the market and allows you to customize the charging points to your exact needs.

Much like the single-car Wallbox, the control software of the Doublebox is equipped with energy management. It prevents the overloading of the grid and provides the fastest charging possible, while also balancing the load between the two charging points, if two cars are connected.

Similarly to the Wallbox, the Doublebox can also be connected to any sort of home outlet, even to the standard 220 V EU one. With the possibility of two cars being charged at the same time, though, it is even more strongly suggested to use a stronger energy source, ideally a 3 x 32 A, 380 V outlet. This allows the Doublebox to achieve the maximum charging speed of 22 kW, which can be directed either to one car or distributed among two.

The OlifeEnergy Doublebox can be ordered in one of two versions, Base or Smart with different lists of features for different types of user.

Doublebox Base

Households or small businesses will be the likely users of the Base version. With RFID support, it allows several users to use the charging point and log their energy use.

It also comes with energy management and the possibility of being used together with OlifeEnergy SmartMeter, controlling and managing the energy use across your whole installation.

Doublebox Smart

If you want to use the features of Doublebox for larger company fleet or even offer it to the public, then the Smart version is the one for you. It will also suit the users who seek more comfort and advanced remote features.

These include remote remote administration, diagnostic and control of one or several chargers, using either Olife Energy Cloud or 3rd party OCPP protocol. There’s also the option of connecting the DoubleBox Smart to the OlifeEnergy Net E.V. charging network, which turns it into a public charging point.

The OlifeEnergy Doublebox – like our one-cable Wallbox for single-car applications – is available through our network of partners. We also provide various DC charging solutions and run the OlifeEnergy Net E.V. charging network, which you can be a part of either as user or a charging point provider.