How to Pick the Right Charging Device?

If you’re planning to go electric with your personal vehicle or company fleet, you’re probably thinking about a way to charge it. The question is, which of our many charging solutions will suit you the best? Let us lay out the alternatives and their pros and cons!

Having the option of charging your electric vehicle at your home or at your business goes a long way towards making the electric mobility cheap and comfortable. Using your own Wallbox or charging station usually gets you the best prices and even allows you to use electricity from your own sources, like solar panels.

Your own charging point also gives you the convenience of not having to worry about all the spots at he public chargers being taken and your car is always charged up and ready to go in the morning. With OlifeEnergy, you can even turn your charger into a public charging spot and use it to make money.

The question is, which of our products is the right fit to your needs? This article should help you find the right answer.

Home charging

If you’re looking for a charging solution for your home, it’s quite simple. You either need to charge one or two cars – which means you will be choosing between the Wallbox and its bigger brother, the Doublebox. Besides this choice, you have to decide between the Base and Smart version of either device.

There is no difference in charging power (up to 22 kW per car) and the Base version still allows for RFID authorization and is compatible with the SmartMeter. The Smart version, however, comes with a host of advanced features, like Cloud management and OCPP protocol and it can be turned into a public charging point as part of our OlifeEnergy Net charging network.

Charging for businesses

Depending on the size of your business, you may use the same solution we offer for homes – the Wallbox or Doublebox – or move up towards our AC or DC public charging stations. How do you make the choice?

For the companies with just one car, the Wallbox might be the obvious solution. Still, it may be worth it to consider the Doublebox, as it gives you the possibility of offering the second charging ports or visitors. Of course, if your electric fleet is larger than one vehicle, the Double box (or several) is the logical choice.

As the Wallbox and Doublebox already offer the maximum charging speed for AC (22 kW), our standalone AC Charger can’t offer any improvement on that front. However, there are other advantages. One is the convenience of fixed cables elegantly hanged on either side, ready to be picked up and plugged in. The other important factor is looks. The AC Charger can stand freely, without having to be mounted on a wall or a post, and its looks and green lighting attract attention – that makes it great if you’re planning on offering charging service to the public.

Quick public or fleet charging

If your need to regularly recharge your company cars in a short time, or if you want to run a public charging service, you might want to go for the fastest option available. Our DC chargers are available in five versions – 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 kW. This is enough to recharge most of the electric vehicles on the market at the fastest speed possible.

Even the 60 kW DC Charger will charge most EV from 5 to 80 percent in less than an hour and the fastest ones, 120 kW and 150 kW, will achieve the same thing under 30 minutes. The investment into DC chargers is worthwhile either if you need to get your cars back on the road quickly, or if public charging is part of your business. With up to 150 kW, you can offer the same charging speeds as the current generation of Tesla Superchargers.

If you want to find out more about our Wallbox and Doublebox home chargers or AC and DC Chargers in all of their variants, head to our website or contact us for more details.

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