OlifeEnergy Wallbox

Olife Energy Wallbox: A Stylish and Effective Charging Point for Homes and Businesses

Fast charging, latest features, great looks and supreme quality. The OlifeEnergy Wallbox is perfect both for homes and businesses, with its ability to support more users and even paid charging. With 22 kilowatts of charging power, it is as fast as AC chargers get, and it comes with a choice of Type 1 and Type 2 cables. Designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

While the public charging networks are what allows the electric vehicles to travel long distances easily, most of the charging happens while parked – at home, at work or while visiting a business. This way, drivers can make use of the downtime of their car. It is also usually the most affordable charging option.

This means that a charging point is a great addition not only to your home, but to your business as well. It may allow you to charge company car, allow charging for your employees or even offer the charging to your customers. With the option of payment through the app, you can even turn it into a public charging spot.

We wanted to create a perfect solution for any situation that requires a single-car charging from the AC electrical grid. The result is our new OlifeEnergy Wallbox. Completely designed and manufactured in Czech Republic, it continues the tradition of the industrial excellence and innovative thinking.

At the first glance, the OlifeEnergy Wallbox will catch your attention with its sleek, elegant design in our signature combination of white and green. There is, however, more than looks to the way the Wallbox is made – the sturdy, all-metal body is made to withstand the elements, including the rain and snow. It will last long even when mounted outside your home or business.

The Wallbox can be connected to any kind of home electric outlet, starting with the standard 220 V EU one. However, the charging speed depends on the outlet parameters and for best results, we recommend using a 3 x 32 A 380 V outlet. This allows to make use of the maximum charging speed of 22 kW, which is the maximum for AC chargers and equivalent to the AC chargers at public locations.

The OlifeEnergy Wallbox is available in two versions: Base or Smart, each being suited for a different type of user.

Wallbox Base

The Base version is perfect for private or small company charging. It offers the RFID support for user identification.

The Base version is also equipped with an energy management feature that prevents the overloading of the grid. It can also be connected to the OlifeEnergy SmartMeter which adjusts the available and used power in the real time.

Wallbox Smart

The Smart variant of the OlifeEnergy Wallbox boasts several advanced features. It is well-suited for demanding users who demand more comfort and control over their charging, or for those wishing to use to turn it into a public charging point.

The advanced features include remote administration, diagnostic and control of one or several chargers, using either OlifeEnergy Cloud or 3rd party OCPP protocol. There’s also the option of connecting the Wallbox Smart to the OlifeEnergy Net E.V. charging network, which turns it into a public charging point.

The Cables

Both of these versions can be ordered with a choice charging points or cables – a Type 2 outlet, a Type 2 cable or a Type 2 twisted cable. All of these options are also available for Type 1 cables/outlets.

The OlifeEnergy Wallbox – as well as our new Doublebox for charging two cars at once – is available through our authorized partners. We also offer a variety of DC charging solutions and also run a charging network that you can use through out mobile app.