Our days at KVIFF: electric cars, chargers and the success of Zátopek

Most people will probably associate the 55th Karlovy Vary Film Festival with Johnny Depp (and maybe a certain blue dress). For us, of course, it was all about electricity, electric cars and clean mobility. And also about the joy of the audience award for the film Zátopek, of which OlifeEnergy is a partner.

Everything is now packed up, the guests have been dispatched on their way and the chargers are resting again, waiting for the next task. And we can safely say that this year’s 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary Festival was once again a success. Although at an unusual time of year and still under complicated conditions, but also with many great experiences.

What made us the happiest? It was neither the energy of Johnny Depp nor the opportunity to see the legendary Michael McCaine with our own eyes. It wasn’t even the festival life. We were delighted that KVIFF had also embarked on a journey towards clean mobility with the help of the BMW car company and, above all, that OlifeEnergy was able to contribute.

The festival fleet

No major festival is complete without its fleet of luxurious and stylish cars. These limos not only bring esteemed guests and celebrities to the red carpet, but also transport them from the airport or from Prague, as well as driving them back to their hotel or wherever they need to go. BMW has been taking care of this fleet in Karlovy Vary for several years now – and an increasing proportion of the cars are electric or electrified, such as the luxurious BMW 745Le plug-in hybrid limousines. BMW has also chosen Karlovy Vary as the venue for the Czech premiere of the new electric BMW iX.

In total, there were 80 festival BMWs in Vary, and while not all of them had an electric motor, it still meant plenty of charging. That’s why we installed several of our chargers at the heart of the festival, the newly renovated Hotel Thermal, as well as at the Grandhotel Pupp, which hosts many of the festival’s famous guests (and whose Becher’s Bar is also one the places to be). This allowed the electric BMWs to move around not only without noise and emissions, but also with the confidence that they would always have sufficient battery charge.

Even on celluloid, Zátopek wins

Another source of joy for us in Karlovy Vary was the biopic Zátopek, whose premiere officially opened the festival. OlifeEnergy is one of the official partners and co-producers of this film, and we are really excited that the premiere of the film not only brought great feedback and reviews, but also won the audience award of the festival.

Haven’t seen Zátopek yet? Then this is the perfect time to go see it – and preferably by electric car!

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