OlifeEnergy Chargers  Can Now Be Set Up and Controlled from Your Smartphone

Life with OlifeEnergy charging stations now gets even easier. All chargers are now getting a Bluetooth module that allows you to control them through our free app, available for both Apple and Android. All important features available on your smartphone screen.

OlifeEnergy chargers are known for being among the smartest ones on the market. Even so, we are always working on expanding and improving their features. The latest update is the Bluetooth module that we started to put in all our products as standard equipment. Without any increase in price, you will gain the option of comfortably controlling the charging process straight from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You can also configure the OlifeEnergy Smartmeter module remotely.

The mobile app is freely available both in Google Play for Android devices and App Store for Apple ones. Its easy-to-use interface allows the user to control the charging in real time, change the charging point settings or manage the database of users’ RFID cards. All you have to do is to be close enough to the charger – typical Bluetooth range is around ten meters, which is easily enough for chargers in family homes and smaller businesses.

The real time charging control is especially useful when the user for some reason needs to charge in the situations that would normally be prohibited by “energy-saving” functions of the charging system. For example, it is possible to start charging session during the time of the higher-priced tariff even when the charger is set only to use the lower tariff. You can also initiate full-power charging even though your system is set up to only use the overflow from the solar panels. It is also possible to start charging when you forgot your RFID card.

In the appropriate section, it is possible to change all the usual settings. Typically, it’s the limit of the charging power or the intensity of the charger’s LED lighting. You can also switch the automatic charging on or off, enable the analogue interface for integration with the smart home, allow the use of Smartmeter or change various settings connected to features like main circuit breaker protection or use of solar overflow.

If you use RFID chips for charging, be it in company or a block of flats, you can also manage their database and control the access of individual users.

The Bluetooth module is newly a standard equipment in all OlifeEnergy charging stations. Besides the Wallbox and Doublebox units for homes or small businesses, it’s also supplied in larger AC Charger and DC Charger stations. The app can be found in the App Store as well as Google Play under the name OlifeEnergy.

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